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Unexpected turns

Whether through inheritance or purposeful acquisition, your land was tied to a plan. Now, unforeseen twists have emerged, prompting a shift in your envisioned path.

Managing land concerns

Expensive surveys, trash dumping, overgrown trees, and trespassers causing issues on your land? Let us take the reins and manage these concerns.

Fee fatigue

The endless cycle of taxes, HOA fees, liability insurance, and other bills for your land is draining your wallet and your energy.

Selling Your Land Can Be A Quick And Simple Process buys land anywhere in the US! Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. Like we’ve mentioned, when you work with us there are no fees… like there are when you list your property with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of pocket to sell your land fast, or even getting your land ready for a sale (we’ll buy it as-is).

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Choosing Over the Traditional Listing Process

In this market, it’s essential to weigh your options to ensure you achieve your goals seamlessly. While opting for a local agent may promise a higher „top line“ sales price, it doesn’t always translate to more money in your pocket or a smoother process. Delve into the specifics below to compare and discover the best route for your land sale journey.

Listing land with a Realtor Selling to
Normally 10% or $2,500 base
Who Pays Closing Costs?
You, typically 2% of sale price
US! - We cover it
What if I owe back taxes?
This amount will automatically be taken out at closing.
We'll cover it.
Most buyers will want a survey costing anywhere from $400 to $10,000
No survey needed
Average time until sold
90+- days
Cash offer provided in 1 week
Closing date
30-60 days after offer acceptance
Your choice

Figure out the numbers and see why selling your land with makes sense. While we might not reach the full retail value for your land, our offer comes with unique advantages you won’t find in a regular land sale.

Here’s what’s different:

  • From our offer to cash in hand, it can happen in just 7 days.
  • No need to stress about keeping the property and paying for stuff like utilities, taxes, insurance, and the mortgage. We’re way faster than the 90+ days with a regular listing, saving you cash.
  • No need to fix up or clean your land over and over for buyers. Doesn’t matter if your land needs a little work or a lot – we’re ready to make an offer, saving you time and money.
  • Forget about those annoying closing fees – we got you covered. We’re the full-service land buyer, so we handle all the closing costs.

When you think about the time saved, the easy experience, and the money saved on commissions and holding costs, it’s pretty clear that for many landowners, selling to a professional land buyer like is the smart move.

Is it right for you?

Find out by getting a fair, all-cash offer for your land today. Just click the link below and fill out the quick form or call us at (your phone number) to start talking! Our process is easy, and you can close on the date you want. Nothing to lose – no obligations, no pressure. But not checking it out and getting your FREE land offer below might mean losing some serious cash or a bunch of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are committed to providing fair and reasonable offers for raw land. While we typically acquire properties below market value to facilitate resale for a profit, our approach ensures that our offers take into account the cash transaction, quick closing, and the convenience of sparing you the effort and expenses associated with traditional selling methods.

*For an in-depth understanding, download our free guide that walks you through the Pros and Cons, cost, and timeline of selling your land to a real estate investor. Explore the alternatives of listing with an agent or selling it yourself.*

Our valuation process is transparent and thorough. We consider various factors such as location, necessary repairs, current condition, and recent sales of comparable land in the area. Our goal is to offer a mutually beneficial and fair price that works for both parties.

No, one of our key differentiators is the absence of fees or commissions. When you sell your land to us, there are no additional costs. We make our profit after covering any necessary repairs and reselling the land, assuming all the risks involved.

Unlike real estate agents who list properties and earn a commission upon sale, we are direct land buyers. Our process involves making swift decisions, often within a few days, as we purchase with our own cash. By eliminating the listing process, we minimize the time it takes to sell your land, providing a faster and hassle-free experience.

Absolutely not. There is no obligation on your part. Once you share details about your land, we assess the information, possibly arrange a call to learn more, and then present you with an all-cash offer. The decision to sell is entirely yours, and we respect your choice without any pressure or hassle.

How The Process Works

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Fast Track to Freedom: Selling Your Land Seamlessly with​

Explore our comprehensive eBook, „Fast Track to Freedom,“ where we meticulously dissect the intricacies of land valuation and offer calculations. Uncover the nuances of working with a realtor, weighing the pros and cons, while gaining a profound understanding of our streamlined process.

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We at are dedicated to providing the landowners with the easiest option to sell their land for cash! Our six step process has served hundreds of happy clients across the country!

We Make The Process of Selling Your Land Simple, Easy, and Only 6 Steps

Request an offer

Call us at (727) 308-6100 or fill out the form on our website so we can start reviewing your property.

We start calculating

We combine the information you provide with local county & state data, along with local sales data to calculate the perfect offer for you.

An offer gets sent

We will send you an offer via mail or email, and set up a call with one of our Land Experts to discuss the offer amount or negotiate if needed.


Once we agree to a price, we will send you a contractual purchase agreement to review, e-sign and return to us within 1 week.

Due diligence

We will take a deep dive into your properties details, fixing any title issues, paying any outstanding taxes, and set up escrow and closing.

You get the cash

A trusted third-party title company will set up a closing date with you to ensure security and safety during the transaction. They will send your cash directly to you after closing.

Meet The Visionaries, co-founded by Christian Mugrauer and Cole Barefoot, redefines the property divestment experience. Our mission is to provide a seamless, efficient process that goes beyond a mere transaction. When you choose, you’re not just selling land; you’re embarking on a journey toward financial freedom.

Our platform prioritizes your unique needs, recognizing that each property holds a part of your larger dream or investment strategy. Founded on trust and reliability, we offer a commitment to exceptional service. is your partner in unlocking new opportunities and achieving financial liberation.

With, selling your land becomes a hassle-free and swift experience. We empower you with flexible options, allowing you to divest on your terms. Whether you’re exploring new business ventures, seeking increased income, or diversifying your land portfolio, we provide the possibilities you need.

Join us at and let your dreams take center stage. Founded on trust, built for your financial

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These Are Just a Few Of Our Satisfied Clients

Brian & Loren Fish
Brian & Loren Fish
After years of searching for affordable land, we struck gold in North Carolina at an unbelievable price when we stumbled upon

The process was seamless, and we were able to start building our dream home within months, thanks to the efficient and professional service from their Land Expert Cole, who guided us through every step, ensuring the property we chose was a perfect fit.

When we tell our neighbors what we paid for our property, they can't believe it. not only made our dream a reality but did so at a price that exceeded all expectations. Highly recommend!

Loren and Brian Rabbat
(North Carolina)
Curtis Duck
Curtis Duck
Getting into real estate investment had been on my mind for ages, but finding the right opportunity seemed like finding a needle in a haystack until I stumbled upon They dropped this amazing deal in my hometown on a piece of land at a crazy low price, all set for a tiny home. The whole process of buying that property was surprisingly easy.

What makes these folks stand out is that they're not just about sealing the deal; they want to make sure your investment pays off. They didn't just send me a deed; they shared tips on how to squeeze every bit of profit out of it. Fast forward, and my initial investment now pulls in over $1,500 each month. Their ongoing support and down-to-earth advice turned my dream of real estate success into a reality. If you're thinking about dipping your toes into real estate, isn't just a platform; they're like your wingman on the road to financial wins.

Curtis Duck
Pete Keruskin
Pete Keruskin
I had been on the lookout for the perfect white-tail hunting spot in Georgia for a while. The thing is, as a Veteran, I was a bit skeptical of these land companies not based in the U.S. until I found What stood out was when they set up a call for me with one of their Land Experts, and get this—they're also a hunter who lives down south and they knew exactly what I was looking for.

We had a real conversation about what I needed in a property, and it was refreshing. The Land Expert knew their stuff, and even gave me some ideas on how to profit off this property when it wasn’t hunting season. Long story short, we found the perfect spot. First year out, I bagged a 10-point buck, and my dad got an 8 point. Couldn't be happier with how it all worked out. Props to for knowing their stuff and making this Vet a happy hunter.

Pete Keruskin
Frank Kerestesy
Frank Kerestesy
Having worked with Cole Barefoot for several years as a private consultant in the land space, I can attest to his exceptional expertise and dedication. He has been instrumental in helping me identify and acquire numerous properties across the country, significantly boosting my investment portfolio.

Since Cole transitioned into building, it's clear his knowledge, network, and understanding of the U.S. land market have only deepened. He has built a team with a commitment to delivering quality opportunities. If you're in the land investment game, having the MyBestLandDeals team on your side is a game-changer.

Frank Kerestesy

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